Vivan Dittmar 2020 "A truly good life is not incompatible
with a much needed ecosocial
transformation of society; on the
contrary, it is only possible through it."
"True prosperity
comes from connection.
We cannot hoard it.
It can only be cultivated,
like a garden.“
Vivan Dittmar 2020 "Inner and outer change
are mutually dependent.
The world we desire
begins within us.“
Vivan Dittmar 2020 "Inner wealth is created,
when we focus our lives
on the essentials.
Inner poverty is the result of a
lifestyle that loses itself in

Author | Speaker | Founder of the Be the Change Foundation

Vivian Dittmar is an author, founder of the Be the Change Foundation and a driving force for cultural change. Her childhood and youth on three continents sensitized her early for the global challenges of our time and are still her drive to find holistic solutions today.

Through her books, lectures, seminars, online offerings and implementation-oriented projects, she has been committed to a holistic development of people, society, economy and consciousness for two decades. Her book successes include „The Power of Feelings“ and „Your Inner GPS“.

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