Your Inner GPS

Among the many thoughts that go around in your head every day, there is information hidden that has a different quality. I call them transrational thoughts. Through them our inner GPS is revealed. Unfortunately, most people have never learned to recognize them and to link them well with the rational mind. This leads to disorientation, difficulties in making decisions or a subtle sense of not being on track. This book brings clarity. In this book, Vivian Dittmar introduces the five disciplines of thought for the first time: inspiration, intuition, heart intelligence, reason and intention.

She explains how they differ, what is the function of the individual disciplines, how they interact and, above all, how they can be recognized and developed.
– What is the difference between a normal thought and a real insight?
– How can you tell when your intuition is speaking to you?
– Does it really make sense to decide solely on the basis of reason – or purely according to the famous gut feeling?
– How do you listen to your heart and is that really always the best advisor?