DIALOGUES – Vivian on Voices with Vervaeke

Part 1: Exploring Emotions and Transrational Wisdom

John and Vivian discuss the integral yet overlooked role of emotions and affect in spirituality and the cultivation of wisdom. Vivian, with her diverse background that includes experiences in traditional cultures, Far Eastern philosophy, and shamanic traditions, outlines a framework differentiating physical sensations, biological instincts, social feelings, unprocessed emotions, and transcendent abilities. She emphasizes practices that help process difficult emotions to develop wisdom rather than escape into spiritual bypassing. John explores resonances with Greek philosophy’s link between virtue, emotion, and reason. Their rich conversation hints at deep connections between rationality, wisdom, and spirituality, signaling more still to unpack.

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“I’ve never read anything better regarding the topic of emotions and emotional regulation‚Ķ [Vivian] skillfully breaks down this complex subject, making it immediately clear and manageable.”

Dr. Volker Schlautmann
Medical Behavioral Therapist at Schön Klinik Bad Bramstedt, Germany