Seminars & Trainings

Vivian offers seminars and trainings both in a personal as well as in a professional context. She began working with groups already at the age of 22, accompanying people in personal development processes. Her forte is to work spontaneously, taking inspiration from the people present and the quality of the present moment. In this way, contents, methods and processes are created in dialogue with the participants. Frequently, new insights arise in this space — also for Vivian. This experience has been a primary area of interest for Vivian since many years, one she has also sought to share with others. The model of Theory U by C. O. Scharmer is the best she has found so far, to explain this phenomenon.

Vivian conducts her executive trainings and cultural development programs for companies in close collaboration with the Terra Institute.terra institute

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The Emotional Compass

A Roadmap to Emotional Intelligence Vivian Dittmar has created a simple yet profound model of emotional competence. Learn what each feeling is good for, how they are created and why we sometimes have a hard time recognizing their true potential.

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