Readings & Talks

Vivian is an inspiring speaker and regularly accepts invitations to speak at conventions, gatherings and educational events. Currently, most of her appearances are in German, yet she is available for English engagements. Possible subjects include:

1. The Emotional Compass — A Roadmap to Emotional Intelligence
2. Children Need to Feel — A Parent’s Guide to Emotional Intelligence
3. The Art of Relating — Emergence of a New Paradigm
4. Feelings at Work: Keys to Success or a No-Go?
5. Circle Culture — Evolving Organisations
6. The Art of Cooperation
7. The Five Disciplines of Thought — How to Bring Order into Your Mind and into Your Life
8. Circle Council — Collective Intelligence or Group Think?

Upon inquiry, other subjects can be offered in the area of Vivian’s expertise.

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The Emotional Compass

A Roadmap to Emotional Intelligence Vivian Dittmar has created a simple yet profound model of emotional competence. Learn what each feeling is good for, how they are created and why we sometimes have a hard time recognizing their true potential.

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