Readings & Talks

Vivian is an inspiring speaker and regularly accepts invitations to speak at conventions, gatherings and educational events. Currently, most of her appearances are in German, yet she is available for English engagements. Possible subjects include:

1. The Emotional Compass — A Roadmap to Emotional Intelligence
2. The Emotional Backpack – How to Clear Up Toxic Feelings
3. The Art of Relating — Emergence of a New Paradigm
4. PEACE – Conflicts as a Catalyst for a New Consciousness
5. Strong Kids, Strong Feelings?!
6. Feelings@work: Keys to Success or a No-Go?
7. Organisations as Living Systems
8. From EQ to WeQ – Understanding Collective Intelligence
9. The Five Disciplines of Thought — How to Bring Order into Your Mind and into Your Life

Upon inquiry, other subjects can be offered in the area of Vivian’s expertise.

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Let’s be honest - Racism, social inequality and structural violence

Racists - that‘s the others! No, says author Vivian Dittmar. Racism is everywhere and part of a much bigger problem: injustice and extreme inequality. In this article she calls for a fundamental change of the economic system, a shift that guarantees the well-being of every human being and that of our planet, a world where no one benefits from discrimination.

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Rendezvous with Death - A dialogue between Life and Death

Vivian Dittmar herself fell ill with Covid-19 and talks about her own story, as well as that of her mother and grandmother. She wishes that we, as global society, reflect on the relationship between life and death and hopefully are able to find a new approach to it.

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"Befriending Fear" - Conversation with Charles Eisenstein

In this conversation, part of Charles Eisensteins’ podcast series „A New and Ancient Story: The Podcast“, Charles and Vivian talk about the collective global field of uncertainty, the dynamics of birth and death, and the opportunity that Covid offers to befriend fear and follow its evolutionary power.

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