The Power of Feelings
A Practical Guide to Emotional Intelligence

"The Power of Feelings: A Practical Guide to Emotional Intelligence" is an easy read while also being one of those life changing instructional guides that only come along perhaps once in a generation. Midwest Book Review

Your Feelings determine who you are and how you live your life. Like most people, you probably spend a lot of time and money trying to create or avoid certain feelings. In order to liberate the true power of your feelings, you need to understand their real purpose. They are the keys to your emotional potential and intelligence.

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Learn why feelings like anger, sadness, fear and shame are really the key to your clarity, love, creativity, humility and natural authority — and how you can unlock it!

Sample 1 - What is Emotional Competence?
Sample 2 - The Power of Fear

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Also available in German and Spanish.

Watch a 15-minute introductory talk about the Power of Feelings here.

Download the printable emotional compass by clicking here.

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