The Power of Feelings

A Practical Guide to Emotional Intelligence

In this ground-breaking book on emotional intelligence, Vivian takes you into the workings of your mind and heart. Step by step, she explains how feelings are created, why not everything you feel is a feeling and why even challenging feelings like anger or sadness are an important part of who you are.

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Your Inner GPS

Finding Clarity with the Five Disciplines of Thought

- What is the difference between a normal thought and a real insight?
- How can you tell when your intuition is speaking to you?
- Does it really make sense to decide solely on the basis of reason - or purely according to the famous gut feeling?
- How do you listen to your heart and is that really always the best advisor?

This book is currently being translated to English and Spanish.

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The Emotional Backpack

How to Clear Up Emotional Baggage

The emotional backpack - these are the unpleasant, repressed feelings from the past that everyone carries around with them: fear, anger, grief, pain and more. They burden us in everyday life, in relationships and at work, leading to emotional overreactions and escalating even harmless situations.

This book is currently available in German, Czech and Taiwanese.
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Transforming Companies through Emotional Competence

Feelings and emotions are still a taboo in many companies. Yet wherever people are required to work together, feelings come into play – whether we like it or not. But that doesn't have to be a problem: feelings are important relationship skills that we also depend on in professional situations.

This book is currently only available in German.
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A Parent's Guide to Emotional Intelligence

How Children Develop Social and Emotional Competence

Many parent's feel challenged by the emotional intensity of their children - and with their own feelings. Often, a basic understanding of the true purpose of feelings is missing. This makes it difficult to accompany children in the process of developing their emotional and social competence.

This book is currently only available in German.
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The Art of Relating

Our ability to lead successful and fulfilling relationships appears to be in crisis. The old models, which proposed a clear hierarchy between man and woman, are clearly obsolete - not only in intimate relationships. Also between parents and children, teachers and students, managers and employees a new paradigm is emerging: we want relationships on an equal footing. Yet at the same time, we lack the role models showing us how this works.

The Art of Relating does for relationships what The Power of Feelings did for your emotional life.

This book is currently only available in German.
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Sacred Sex - The Intimate Prayer

This book explores the connection between sexuality and spirituality. It explores what sacred sex is and how we can reconnect with this quality in our lovemaking. In the process, it uncovers new and old obstacles to sacred sexuality and reveals some surprising truths about the role of our collective traumas and shadows. As is characteristic for Vivian's books, it takes you on a journey through your own relationship to sex and the sacred, inviting you to question long-held beliefs and reevaluate the role of each in your life.

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Transrational Ways of Knowing

Rational thought is a valuable way of approaching reality, but could it be that we need to expand our ways of knowing to meet these unprecedented times? In this conversation with coach and speaker Vivian Dittmar we explore the power of transrational thinking, the different types of thought or knowing, and what can get in the way of us having access to each of them.

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Let’s be honest - Racism, social inequality and structural violence

Racists - that‘s the others! No, says author Vivian Dittmar. Racism is everywhere and part of a much bigger problem: injustice and extreme inequality. In this article she calls for a fundamental change of the economic system, a shift that guarantees the well-being of every human being and that of our planet, a world where no one benefits from discrimination.

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Rendezvous with Death - A dialogue between Life and Death

Vivian Dittmar herself fell ill with Covid-19 and talks about her own story, as well as that of her mother and grandmother. She wishes that we, as global society, reflect on the relationship between life and death and hopefully are able to find a new approach to it.

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