It is my deep wish to contribute to a cultural evolution, particularly in the industrialized countries of the North, because I know that a holistic definition of wealth will more aptly satisfy the true needs of everyone than what we are living today. In the course of by now over twenty years of learning and teaching, four areas of life have become apparent in which I wish to instigate and accompany evolutionary processes. The image below illustrates these four areas. In the coming years, my primary focus will be on writing, as I am planning publications for each of these areas in which I want to make my insights available to a broader public.

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Transrational Ways of Knowing

Rational thought is a valuable way of approaching reality, but could it be that we need to expand our ways of knowing to meet these unprecedented times? In this conversation with coach and speaker Vivian Dittmar we explore the power of transrational thinking, the different types of thought or knowing, and what can get in the way of us having access to each of them.

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Let’s be honest - Racism, social inequality and structural violence

Racists - that‘s the others! No, says author Vivian Dittmar. Racism is everywhere and part of a much bigger problem: injustice and extreme inequality. In this article she calls for a fundamental change of the economic system, a shift that guarantees the well-being of every human being and that of our planet, a world where no one benefits from discrimination.

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Rendezvous with Death - A dialogue between Life and Death

Vivian Dittmar herself fell ill with Covid-19 and talks about her own story, as well as that of her mother and grandmother. She wishes that we, as global society, reflect on the relationship between life and death and hopefully are able to find a new approach to it.

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