Vivian Dittmar is a bestselling author, celebrated speaker and founder of the non-profit Be the Change Foundation.

Growing up on three continents in very different cultures gives Vivian a unique take on what it means to be human. Going back and forth between first, second and third world countries regularly, Vivian was struck by the stark contrast between people’s outer material wealth and their inner state already as a small child.

Early Career

From an early age, Vivian has worked internationally as a self-help and personal development teacher and coach. Over the years, she has worked in Germany, Indonesia, Australia, Israel, Thailand, Costa Rica, Italy, Greece and Sweden. In Bali and later in Germany she ran her own practice. Her clients have come from all walks of life and have given her countless opportunities to deepen her understanding of what works— and what doesn’t.

A New Focus

After extensive travels, Vivian returned to Europe to contribute to the cultural evolution currently under way. She decided to shift her focus away from personal work and has since then focused on systemic changes. This came from the realisation that as long as the system, in which an individual is embedded, is dysfunctional, the level of health and inner wealth the individual can attain is starkly limited. She set up the non-profit Be the Change Foundation for Cultural Change in her native Germany, which is a partner of the Pachamama Alliance and offers educational events to raise awareness about ecological and social justice issues.

Travelling — Writing — Coaching

When not travelling to hold talks or working on her next book, Vivian works as a trainer and coach. She accompanies businesses and executives in cultural change processes with a strong focus on emotional intelligence. She is the author of several successful books, the first of which has been translated into English, Italian and Spanish.

Personal Life

Besides her extensive professional and non-profit engagements, Vivian is married and a passionate mother of two sons. She lives in the South of Germany with her family.

To experience Vivian, check you this 15 minute introductory talk about the power of feelings.

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